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Understanding your Invoice

Understanding your invoice page 1

Customer Name: The name associated with your account.

Mailing Address: The address your invoice is mailed to.

Account No: Please use this unique number to reference your account when calling our Customer Care Centre or when registering for Customer Advantage, our self-serve portal.

Service Address: The address where natural gas service is being provided. It may or may not be the same as the customer Mailing Address.

Site ID: The unique identifier for your service address.

Rate Category: Your natural gas distribution service rate class. All rates are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Invoice Period: The date range for the current billing period.

Previous Invoice: The amount of your previous invoice.

Previous Payments: The payment(s) we have received since your last invoice.

Balance Forward: Total amount due prior to this invoice.

Total Current Charges: Total amount due for the current billing period.

Amount Due: Total amount for current billing period and any previous unpaid amounts.


Understanding your invoice page 2

Gas Cost: A per unit rate ($/GJ) to recover the market rate of the cost of natural gas you consume plus gas supply management costs.

Administration Fee: A daily fee to recover the costs incurred by us to be your default gas supplier, regardless of the amount used.

Fixed Delivery: A daily fee to recover a portion of the cost to provide gas distribution service, regardless of the amount used.

Variable Delivery: A fee calculated on a per unit rate ($/GJ) to recover gas distribution service costs not included in the Fixed Delivery.

Third Party Transportation: The charge calculated on a per unit rate ($/GJ) to recover the costs of transporting natural gas to our distribution system through pipelines owned by other companies.

Property Tax: Taxes and fees levied by and paid in full to your municipality or other third party.

Franchise Fee: Fees levied by and paid in full to your municipality.

Usage-Type: Indicates whether your meter read was actual (A) or estimated (E).

Usage (CCF): Volume of gas measured in hundreds of cubic feet.

Correction Factor & Energy: Used to convert gas measured in CCF to GJ (gigajoules).

Units (GJ): Your invoice is calculated based on the units of energy in gigajoules (GJ) used during the invoice period.


For information on Federal Carbon Tax, please refer to our Federal Carbon Tax page.